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Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 2 (57) 2014


Public television in Latin America – dilemmas and perspectives

Radosław Sajna

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In Latin America, despite common historical and cultural background, the meaning and the role of public media are understood differently. Such diversity is observed also in practical solutions in different republics, where on the television markets (with the exception of the communist Cuba) commercial broadcasters dominate evidently, though also many TV stations, qualified as public, exist (and are founded) in accordance to different rules: sometimes they are typically propaganda (governmental) and in other cases cultural or educational broadcasters. Although there is a problem of determination of a Latin model of public media, some agreement to treat this kind of media as alternative – in front of dominating commercial media – exists. Latin scientists, managers of public broadcasters or some politicians underline, often a need to strengthen the public media (to promote democracy and pluralism), including international cooperation.


Latin America, public media, public television