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Studia Medioznawcze Media Studies 4 (71) 2017


Between efficiency and freedom. Introduction to the economics of algorithmic selection

Tadeusz Kowalski
(Wydział Dziennikarstwa, Informacji i Bibliologii Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego/Faculty of Journalism, Information and Book Studies, University of Warsaw)

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Algorithmic selection understood as a process that assigns relevance to information elements of a data set by an automated, statistical assessment of decentralized generated data signals, plays an increasingly important role in communication primarily through social media. The number of goals and tasks filled by different types of functional algorithms significantly impedes the assessment of their impact and importance on individuals and society. The economic benefits of using them are related to threats to basic civil rights, including the right to privacy.


algorithmic selection, transaction costs, efficiency, searching engines, computer applications, social media, right to privacy.


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